A Global Association of Cyber

Threat Analysis and

Intelligence Organizations

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A Global Association of Cyber Threat  Analysis and Intelligence Organizations

Partnership Requires Leadership

IACI provides a platform for ISAOs around the world to share information, evaluate certifications as they emerge, provide mutual assistance, and benefit from economies of scale. As standards and certifications for ISAOs develop, IACI members will determine how these evolve to provide a higher level of security across all Internet connected devices. Partner with IACI

A U.S. Organization Working to Connect the World


“With the proliferation of ISAOs, it is time they had their own international industry association,” said Blask said in a statement. “Information sharing organizations need to have a unified voice in guiding the development of the critical space they occupy. The community of ISAOs contains much of the expertise and experience in information sharing and is therefore best positioned to determine how to coordinate efforts, validate certifications as they are developed in different jurisdictions, and help each other successfully fulfill their missions."  (Chris Blask)

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